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National & Regional Positions


National Positions

Soror Geraldine Woods Most current.JPG

Geraldine Pittman Woods

Past National President. (1963 - 1967)

Served two terms and under her leadership, in 1967 Delta Sigma Theta founded The Delta Research and Educational Foundation (DREF), a  nonprofit that aids organizations with foundations in community service.


Sharon Wood

 National Leadership Academy

DID Facilitator - Southern Region



Monika Pugh

National Leadership Academy

MIT Trainer- Southern Region

DID Facilitator - Southern Region


Fredrina Combs2.jpg

Fredrina Combs

National Investigations Teams

Southern Region Investigator


Tijuana Williams

National Investigations Teams

Southern Region Investigator

Regional Positions


Lisa Johnson

Regional Chaplain's Council (2022 -2024) 

Sabrina .JPG

Sabrina Hyde-Dozier

International Awareness & Involvement Committee (2022-2024)


Robyn Lawrence

Social Action Committee (2020 - 2022)

State DDAC Team (2019 - 2022)

International Awareness & Involvement Committee

Chair (2022-2024)

Allyson Dupree Smith.jpg

Allyson Dupree-Smith

Arts & Letters Committee (2020-2022)

Denise Williams_edited_edited.jpg

Denise Williams

Operation RISE Committee Co-Chair (2022-2024)


Denise O'Connor

Regional Awards Committee Chairperson


avis 2022.jpg

Avis Chapman-Reese

Communications & Public Relations Committee (2022-2024)


Sharon Wood

Educational Development Committee Chair (2022-2024)

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